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Best Gucci Shoes Storeiscount Gucci Shoes and handbags On Sale - Best Gucci bags Shop has ridiculous deals for gucci and Lv shoes. real or fake?
wow this is kinda hard. i could never see my dad in any rocks. if you wanna shock him you should get the new taylors that have been posted up on the forums Rock & Republic Boot-Cut Flap-Pocket Jeans*-* Men's*-* Bergdorf Goodman that should freak him out. i found them at my saks and neimans. they run one size big when i tried them on.
^ i think those are neils
i have a pair of benzils and they dont look like that. i think the ones in the pic are irregular. i think you can still find floyd stoney blues at neimans and there currently a ton of henley stoneys at metropark in the houston galleria. i dont see the benzils anymore. they use to have floyd benzils at neimans i think but their gone now. there is a neimans exclusive thats in benzil wash. hope you find some benzils cause its a realy nice wash imo. heres a link to the neimans...
this is one of the 5 neiman's exclusive styles. the other ones are: Rock & Republic Low-Rise Relaxed Straight-Leg Jeans*-* Men's*-* Neiman Marcus Rock & Republic Ultra Lowrise Skinny-Leg Jeans*-* Men's*-* Neiman Marcus Rock & Republic Low-Rise Boot-Cut Jeans, Manic*-* Men's*-* Neiman Marcus Rock & Republic Low-Rise Relaxed Boot-Cut Jeans, Grinder*-* Men's*-* Neiman Marcus mmm i realy like the studded Rs one. wish they were cheaper... i think the ones you (op) want sold...
are you looking at the ones on ebay? those look real to me but theyve been washed alot. the poor wash isnt prutty anymore... i wouldnt get them for that price
the wash/color code is credence... i think? i dunno how to read the gibberish style codes yet maybe these are the ones your talking about? Rock & Republic Drop Pocket Low Rise Contemporary Relaxed Bootcut Jeans - - Nordstrom.com
oh wow you guys respond fast. here some links to bigger pics http://img96.imageshack.us/img96/7536/hpim1621bt4.jpg http://img408.imageshack.us/img408/2743/hpim1620lu9.jpg http://img96.imageshack.us/img96/5247/hpim1625wp5.jpg
hi im new to the forums and was wondering if these were real. i couldnt find a prior authenticity check that had these. Henley, cut# 000775, style code NLHNLIS, style #NLHNL-06FA, color code: LS
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