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Diesel Jeans Zathan Art 71J 29 x 32 Spring/Summer 2007 - (item 200139692433 end time Aug-12-07 21:13:52 PDT) Zathan 71J 29X32...
Diesel Men - Denim - Jeans Diesel on YOOX I am curious, Is this onijo 71J?
It seems 70L is the most popular wash here, I guess I will find out by myself
Quote: How do these fit compared to Diesel ?can anyone compare them to a Zathan,or stick with my originan levi size? they tend to run smaller my levis skinner 32X32 fits like my 29X33 true religion joey, I dont know whether they will stretch or not though.
Quote: Originally Posted by trampzilla I am on the fence with these. I have several skinners from the premium and capital E lines and there are a few details that are or neither of my jeans and throw me off: 1) sloppy leather patch - crooked and badly stitched 2) back pocket stitching - the seagul stitching is extremely uneven, I don't own a single pair of Levi's jeans, be that premium or mall kind that have that kind of flimsy stitching. Also none of my...
eBay: LEVI'S CAPITAL E SKINNER MENS BLUE JEANS 32 X 32 $178 (item 260114512708 end time May-10-07 18:30:00 PDT) it is from ebay seller brandsyoulove thx for all the replies
I got this from ebay several days ago, could anybody tell me whether this is authentic or not, thx in advance
I am a newbie of Diesel, and I know zathan is one of the most popular cuts, but there are like dozens of different washs of zathan, so I want to ask you guys, if you could only have one pair of zathan, which wash would you have? thx
Thx!!!! I will ask my refund back.
I just got these prps jeans from a ebay seller, the tag inside said it is made in china, so I thought it is fake and asked refund, but he said he got it from a sample sale, so I am here asking for help, thanks http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ih=006&sspagename=STRK%3AME WN%3AIT&viewitem=&item=160108807326&rd=1&rd=1 Some other pictures taken by me:
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