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Quote: Originally Posted by blm14 I saw a zaf 88H today at bloomingdales which was AMAZING! Has the levan 88D style ripped re-enforced thighs and they're almost completely white with really nice looking back pocket stitching. Also shazor 88S is marked down to $245 in SOHO. No 30" inseams but they had 27x34 in stock. I snagged like 6 pairs of farcos in tiny sizes (including 89E, the bright red ones!) - holding them for a week to see if I can go back after...
in stores. sorry.
Yea.. the headline says it all. The preview to the new collection will be availible tomorrow! It's quite exciting. Check it out!
VIKER 71B $225 They fit a lot like RESLIM. : )
this wash is most definately 70E :]
88S is Japanese denim as well
88S in Shazor doesnt come in a 30 inseam
[mod edit - no selling outside the mall pls]
Kycut is a really cute and feminine cut. i totally recommend it, i love the 764 and theres a new wash for the S/S 06 preview thats hot and cheap! theyre really good sellers! Hope this helps.. sorta!
Those look awesome on u!
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