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Hanes Briefs ...like MJ.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jindeberg imo, Two Face is dead...that or hes gonna be a really shitty paraplegic villain because he fell far (from what I can remember about his fall) True, but Batman fell from the same distance and he got up and walked away, after being shot no less. Yes, Batman does have the luxury or armor, but I'm just making the point that in the continuity used in the film it is very possible that Two Face survived the fall...
I'm starting to love levis. 514, 511, and the Capital E Heshers are all good fits, IMO.
I still say Two Face isn't dead. They NEVER say that he died -- they only show him lying on the ground unconscious. Then they show a memorial for Harvey Dent. But my impression was that they had a memorial for the "good" Harvey Dent because that version of him is no longer alive -- the bad Harvey Dent, "aka" Two Face, is all that remains. And of course, as they made it very clear, they don't want the public to know about this "bad" incarnation of Dent, therefore they...
Quote: Originally Posted by Hisma loved the movie, only thing i think it could have done w/o is two-face. His schtick was kind of lame, always tossing a coin to see if someone would live or die. The reason behind it was warranted, but due to the length fo the movie (which i felt was a tad too long for my taste), they could have shortened it by getting rid of two-face, and keeping him as a DA who had a tragic end. I'm a huge fan of the dark knight...
The movie is damn near flawless, IMO. Everything about it is quality, and It went above and beyond my expectations, which were already set pretty high.
Good fit. Don't size down.
I actually like how they fit. I say keep 'em.
Snap, crackle, pop.
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