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okay fine SFAM, you redeemed yourself. but i still mean what i posted above and judge anyone shallow enough to let this thought cross their mind.
i'm doubting how much you actually like this girl, and truly questioning why she should even like you in the first place. the issue is how well you two work together in a relationship, not the physical appearance. i really truly hope you didn't mean what this post implies, because i've actually been told that i was "visually unappealing" since i was larger than the guy i was seeing. i may be bigger, both physically and emotionally...since i got over him and realized...
if you don't want to accumulate points, don't break the law. unless i misread and you really were in the right - the speed limit really was 42 and you were in the midst of putting your seatbelt on (something you find to be okay). if that's the law, then you shouldn't have any trouble fighting the case - after all, the police officer was wrong.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sigmatic the best way to improve your grammar, vocabulary, and spelling: READ and i mean books, not shitty rags like people, us, star, etc...no trashy romance novels, no mass market paperbacks, BOOKS. i get the feeling you're not the studious type (that's not an insult), so by reading books you'll improve your skills without 'studying' or feeling like you're doing some type of chore. if you tell me what you like, i'll...
awwww, wish i could've gone!!
mmm, asexual porn.
i admit to saying the retail thing
awww i wish i could, but i have work/rehearsal!
Quote: Originally Posted by lizlikeshugs Dim Sum trip!! YES!! i've been dying to try dim sum forever. it sounds like a good plan
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