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i can see these shoes on sale in honestforum mall called energie ardengo,they look good in the box.Does anyone have picture of how it looks when you wear it,I cannot contact the seller regarding this topic.Hopefully he will read this.
Quote: Originally Posted by *Tee* It's a MALE blazer ! Back then, i was also about to get me one, when i saw them on yoox... thnx tee..i think i will need some more help from you cause the blazer somewhat seems fake to me(YOOX),i mean there are alot of tags but it seems a lil awkward. I will post the pictures and hopefully you will help me sort it out.
Quote: Originally Posted by ross Does it button left-over-right, or right-over-left? the buttons are on the right side of the jacket...
i just bought a diesel kaleua blazer and it fits fine but there is a problem.I bought this blazer on yoox and it was in MENS section.I just searched the model on google and someone is selling it on ebay and it says WOMEN'S BLAZER. Does anyone here know whether its mens or womens jacket????
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most of my shirts are f'd up...so my 11 shirts are stretched once i wash it..some times i wash my clothes and leave it in and dont put it in drier to tumble dry is that the reason that it stretched??i dont care if its inside out,could that be the reason? is it cause of water temperature?or is it cause i put my clothes directly in the drier after being washed and let it be there until its completely dry,should i let it be a little wet?some times when i take it out of the...
Quote: Originally Posted by nerazzuri09 Anyone interested in selling their Diesel Jecava blazer..contact me.. i change me mind...after hearing these comments...i dont need it anymore....by the way which diesel blazer do you guys think is good..Cause i really want to buy one diesel blazer.
Anyone interested in selling their Diesel Jecava blazer..contact me..
Quote: Originally Posted by ri0tp00f Maybe the Jecava? I have it in olive THNXX ALOT..this is the one i m talking about..but i dont like this color..thnx anyway
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