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apart from the fact that i don't even receive mail notification when i have a new PM...
yes because when you have  a demanding job you do something called "prioritizing" when i receive an email from someone asking for a tracking number and i don't have right here, i just think "ok i will do it when i get home" if when i get home i fell asleep, ok maybe i should have thought first about sending it   when i receive a mail from paypal saying someone did a chargeback of 425€, this become one of my first priority as simple as that
  ok but dude i called my friends at customs, unfortunatly he can't do anything but he may know people who can, he will do his best to catch my package there is no way i let go 425€ in the air without garantee of having the money   because you say that paypal will release the payement untill i prove i sent the jeans, that is not true, you did a chargeback so even if i send the tracking number to paypal they will not be able to release the 425€, you will need to do a...
i think i have some references in this forum, i did some transactions   if i remember correctly i sold some as god as new to saddock i think i also did some transactions on superfuture (im "cubzor" there)   i have NEVER seen someone doing a chargeback TWO days after the date i sent the jeans just because i didnt send the tracking number, never!!!!!!!!!
hey warning for everybody, i sold a silver selvedge size 31 brand new to Ravenz   i forgot to send him the tracking number, so he did a chargeback on his credit card, i guess im now fucked of 425€   i have a friend working at customs, i already called him, ill see if he can get my package but i guess it will be close to imposible so im totaly fucked   so be careful, i have never dealt with someone like this, i have a very demanding job so i always forget to...
wondering how much would those UMC 07 go for?
my mistake, i posted on the wrong tab i had open :p
i think they are nice i have them in size 30 bnwt, too large for me, does anyone have them in size 29 also brand new and willing to trade them?
damn dior employees suck... i called the store in barcelona to ask them if they had the carbon copy, i gave the girl the ID number, she then told me that she didnt have it, and she couldnt find it anywhere in the system so i was like "oh ok, must be for the US or asia" and she told me "no, it must be an old colection" i told her that it was not an old collection, and she kept saying "yes, it is an old collection"   so no carbon copy for me, except if someone can...
lvr = luisaviaroma? i dont see how they can be overpriced since they have the retail price, even lower some times :p MIJ raw at browns = £260, THIS is overpriced :p
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