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Quote: Originally Posted by Mikey do you wear a 26w in Diesel? Thanks Jskidder for allyour help man. Yes. But the best way to find your size is to grab a pair of jeans that fit you well and measure them using BiG's method. Then use the size the charts provided noting both the pre and post wash measurements.
I have both. The 19cm MIJ is a great cut if you're slim, proportionate and get the sizing right. IMHO the 19cm is not for everyone. The 21cm fits just like safado/viker (really hard to look too bad in) imo and is not worth it bc there are better raws with similar cuts out there.
Quote: Originally Posted by jskidder ^based on that, there are 3 pairs you should be considering: 1. skull 5010xx 2. pbj xx-005 3. flathead 3001/f310 you will want a size 28 in each of those and you can find them at these 2 sites: Self Edge is Denim blue in green - a men's lifestyle store I second these recommendations. I have all 3 in a 28. The skull fit best out of the box imo with a gradual taper from the knee down that leads to a...
Nice! I've been looking for something with no distressing in this cut. How thick would you say the denim is compared to the 8AA? Do they fit similiar as far tightness goes? Thx for the pics!
Wow Diesel put a lot of love into these jeans. Details galore. I like these a lot in this cut. Not too over the top imo. I actually think Zathan 71J is more outlandish
Quote: Originally Posted by jskidder the wash is SICK, one of the nicest i have seen in a very long time with amazing pockets and details. and the fabric is amazing, as would be expected on a $310 pair of japanese denim. problem is they fit like ASS! i tried on a 26x30 today and while i could barely button them in the waist, the thighs fit as loose as a pair of levans. and they seemed to run hella long. such a horrible shame... this is really...
thanaz 71b (my new love) viker 71b slammer 8bk safado 8dk zavor 70l
wow i want those 2 washes...... in a safado, viker, timmen, or trouleg!! okay after staring at cel's pics i would settle for zathans
Quote: Originally Posted by blackcandy3 quality can be sidestepped if youre in it for a quick fix lmao that shit is genius
Quote: Originally Posted by cutiedoggie thanaz is not for everyone i guess.. if ur short like me and have short skinny legs.. they wont look good on u or at least wont appear to the first time .. i never own a pair but have been thinking getting my hand on a pair for a while now..so i went to the store yesterday and tred on a pair of the 8DK in 26 x 30 im usually a 26 or 27.. wow these babies were tight.. my legs looked like two fcuking noodles .....
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