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I haven't been here actively in a long time either, but wanted to say congrats to you, Kayla! You are beautiful as a wife and mother! Congratulations!
Quote: Originally Posted by Malencontreux Or the fact that there's a massive thread that's 9+ pages long on HF in the General Discussion of AF and probably 1/2 of that site doesn't know what HF is. No publicity is bad publicity!
Quote: Originally Posted by sevenheaven Size down? They look great as they are She was just being mean. You're beautiful no matter what size you are, Tiffany.
This is corny but I believe true beauty radiates from the inside out... how many times have you met a good looking person only to get to know them and discover they are "ugly" and vice versa. Great post, Dave.
LOL... what a nice thread, thanks Dave! Good luck selling everyone!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by lawgal2002 She is also on DDNA, but I will let the super sleuths over there find out which member she is! Thanks for the heads up! I'm no sleuth but I'm sure someone there will figure out who it is... I hope!
Here it is... Backup-Pal -- Universal Accessory for Cellular Phonebook Contacts Backup and Transfer! Back-It-Up! Never lose your phone numbers again Replaces the need to manually re-enter contacts into new phone Transfer phonebook contacts from old to new phone No PC, data cable, software installation or monthly fees required Safe, secure and permanent data backup
I saw something on good morning america today... it's $40 and it's a back up for your cell phone so you never lose all your numbers if you break your phone or if you get a new one and need to transfer... lemme look for a link... it was cool!
we have one. use it for everything. pay it off each month. we use it for airline miles...
God Bless all the Veterans and current men and women serving. My dad was a Marine and fought in Vietnam; I'll never forget how proud he was when we took him to see the Vietnam War Memorial. Very touching. Thanks for starting this thread, Skydiver Nick!
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