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and thanks to sliver there will not be any impulse buy for me =P maybe i'll get good karma out of this and have myself something from the wish list =]
i think this is probably a true honest mistake (or i hope so) and given that the member had positive feedbacks prior this im just gonna let it slide this time hey, everyone deserves a second chance
thanks to all the feedback yes, the item was paid for even know the echeck is not cleared yet but nothing i can do now =[ hopefully he'll refund me once the check clears on the other side though ... mail day for me =D
so the seller wrote back to me ''Yea I'm sorry. I know I'm doing you an injustice but I would be doing my friend a bigger injustice if I didn't let him get it so I hope you see it from my perspective as well. Again, I apologize.'' what would you guys do? im kinda leaning towards just let it go curse my soft heart !!! T.T now i feel bad for the seller ... any thoughts ?
im still waititng for the seller to write me back he did say ''sorry'' in the first email but im just like WTF?! thanks for wasting my f*ing time he could've sold it to his friend instead of listing them in the mall damn it, stupid seller now i feel like i should buy some random stuff off from ebay
im gonna try to email him back and see what he says no name will be mentioned for now but god im so pissed off right now what a way to start my morning off !
ok so i just bought a pair of taylor talons from a forum member as usual, because i dont own a credit card, i made him an echeck instead everything was going smooth until this morning i checked my phone and received an email basically saying he decided to change his mind and sell it to one of his friend and promises he'll refund me once the check is cleared but WTF ?! thanks a lot for nothing ! i feel so choked right now, this feels worse than losing out on ebay !
real i remember seen it at nordstrom and i believe it was made in china as well =]
^^^ worrrd i wish i have those abs
i think its too tight size up one would be better
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