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real =]
i think those are fake =S the wash looks really off but wait for others
imo i think pipeline as well personally i think the double dip's dark wash will be a bit hard to match but maybe its just me =P
wow .. this is so exciting xD thank you strawberryshortcake =D
pm'd you =D
what kind of "R"s were they ? the old ones ?
^ no worries i hope your friend will appreciate the jeans more than i do
yah ... its ok you guys im not even pissed off about it anymore just hope there wont be a next time =] the seller seemed all right judging from his previous feedbacks like i said everyone deserves a second change =]
i wouldnt even bother replying or better i would just write back "meh ... =P"
^ hahaha thanks im glad i've there were so many positive supports it helped a lot =D
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