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im considering getting a 2nd pair of True Religion, so i'll need auth check from you guys =] and what are you guy's honest opinion on these? right now for me, i like them but i dont have to HAVE them because the BIN is at $175 thanks in advance
real, but def. ask for more pics of the "actual" jeans
omg now im super excited cause of the postive feed backs cant wait till it gets here will def. be postin a butt pic when i get them =D
yay i won got it for $103 shipped hope it'll fit =]
real imo =] congrats
hahaha =] no yays yet im still battling whether or not to get it and whether or not i'll even win the auction but thanks for the auth. check =D
i've always wanted a pair of skull this one is a size smaller but hopefully they'll fit =] thanks in advance
FAAAKE LV swimsuit for $80 ? waaay to good to be true and the R&R they had on there are def all gross fakes
def fake really REALLY bad wash =S
^ no live links allowed please =] they are real but if the seller refuse to provide you with more pic i would rather just not buy it at all too much of a risk PLUS seller seems really impolite
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