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thats a NO for me as well =]
hmmm ... i kinda like the IRR one more =P
im a college drop out working part-time for a Swedish clothing retail giant *wink but hopefully i'll go back to school again in the spring, cause without a degree i feel like im not going anywhere with my life (PLUS pressures from parents as well) right now my vice are jeans, flannel plaid shirts (lol), fashion magazines, and ANYTHING that can f*ing cure my acne blemishes ! im too old for them !!!
i do !!! im trying to sell my taylor colt and floyd selenium not really going anywhere right now but hopefully they'll sell soon =[
^ hey adelyn ! =]
Quote: Originally Posted by JEANius Eden, what a great list. I still kick myself every day for selling my Amicites well at least you HAD amicites =[ i had sooo many chances of buying it before but i didnt know i could make paypal checks (no credit cards for me =[) now thats something i kick myself every day for
1) Taylor/Henlee Iradium in size 29 or 30 (preferably 29) 2) Taylor Sulfur 3) Taylor Amicite 4) Taylor Talon 5) Taylor Skull Strip Raw thank you thank you =]
i went over to AF after the HF becomes inaccessible for a week or so i like AF, but HF was the first forum i ever joined and i really like HF's layout, its clean and simple plus, even though i dont really know ntegragsr93, i miss seeing on the forum in general =[ now im only back here to check the denimblog and the HF mall =[
real =]
i know eh? its at $150 right now, and there might be a chance for me to win it, but still... pretty pricey =[
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