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Quote: Originally Posted by lilcram guy rain boots? yup they are for mens
Quote: Originally Posted by designerdesire I live and work by the MbMJ store in Los Angeles on Melrose. I'll be back in LA on January 9; if you haven't managed to find them by then, I will get them for you. omg thank you so much i'll def. pm you if my friend isnt available to get me a pair thank you sooo much
i love the wash =]
thanks for all the input =] one of my friend actually made a last minute decision of going to new york tomorrow so hopefully she'll be able to find the store and get me a pair
omg !!! damn it T - T thanks though
please let me know if you do, cause I've always wanted a pair of rain boots from them i tried ebay, but the price and the shipping cost is just outrageous ! please please let me know if you can help me out, im willing to pay a finders fee =D
henlee in raw wash mine ripped after a few month so i got taylor colt as replacement BUT ... they were hemmed one leg shorter than the other =[
^^ omg those death metals !!! sooo pretty and those shoes !!! wowza sooo jealous
tehehehehe im so excited ~ (
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