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i went to winners last week and found these for $99.99 BUT, they are actually women's kiedis size 30 i love the wash and the price was just impossible to resist so im like whatever, i'll just give it a shot they were tad big on the waist, but everything else fit fine *hint hint, RISE and here they are, i got them back from the tailor yesterday so, pics =D PS. i like the zippers, its easier to go to the washroom
ahahaha im planning on getting my first credit card as well but i gotta figure out a good signature first :$
ugh exactly ! i was so pissed ! he didnt even give me a call i would've called him, but he never reply me with his number im telling everyone, craigslist buyer are NUTHEADS !!! (except me, i actually show up, and buy them xD)
omg those are AMAZING !!!
ugh the prices are so bad right now i dont even know why i bother selling them :@ and denim-addict good luck with selling on craigslist the ppl there are f*ing nutheads either they ask you questions and never buy them or the worst, they arrange to do a pick up, but never bother to show up or at least give you a call (yes... i was the naive seller who waited at the skytrain station in a snow day for an hour!!!)
all real FOR SURE
ummm ... im not curtis but i'll post my butt pic if it'll boost up the forum henlee hysteria (my favorite pair) new colburg (my very first new R) ooo and my new morphine generation tshirt i got from boxing day
regular R english old R medallion slanted R&R fleur double R slayers crowns tiny pockets my god ... i love them all xD ooo and the wings too =D
thank you so much =] and heres a pic of the rain boots as requested
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