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i think you look great in them =] LOOOVE the wash =D
after 2 years of buying premium denim i still dont have a pair of TR "YET" but TR was originally my first choice of premium denim =D i just LOVE the wash and the over all laid back look of lighter washes right now i got few pairs of R&R, but im definitely saving up for some TRs. =D
i like the jacket =] but waaay overpriced =S
oh my goodness one of my co worker went to the states for black friday hope she gets something nice =] but ya i live in canada too but the boxing day here is more like a "meh" then "OMG LOOK WHAT I FOUND" xD or maybe i havent look hard enough =S
i love seeing fakes. PERIOD ! it makes me feel taller for some reason xD
ooo maybe i should give this Downy Wrinkle Releaser thing a try too
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