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=D thanks for PMing me Ben i went to the tattoo artist and talked about it i'll be getting it done next wed. at the moment, im fine with both "L'espoir me reste dans l'orage" and " Je garde espoir , même dans l'orage ". but to you, which one makes more sense ?
thank you so much =D now i can finally get it without having to worry about it merci merci =P
i recently bought a necklace from pyrrha. it has a french phrase engraved on it that says ''l'espoir me reste dans l'orage'' which means ''my hope remains even in the storm'' i've always wanted to get a tattoo on my foot and it just happens that i really like this phrase. so heres the problem on the website the first world is spelt ''l'espoirE'' but the actual necklace reads ''l'espoir'' so which one is the correct way of spelling it? please help =[
those look amazing since R&R is bringing back the old Rs they should bring the double Rs back =D
^ i second that xD
omg adelyn thats so sweet =D
ooo, i must come up with something !
thank you all for the comments =] and yup, i believe these are alpha cause the inside tag says AL the wash is primarily why i bought them and lol at adelyn's comment im pretty sure you've told me that before about the similarity of our houses xD
lol, i was trying to see if i can find anything for resell cause the one in downtown has got a pretty good selection =]
i know, i wish there was a size 29 but yah, back is kinda loose
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