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... is this what heaven looks like? *sigh
im so dissapointed =[ the kids had a better selection !
taylor iradium, taylor sulfur, taylor radar red, taylor elixir, taylor skull stripe raw/saint, taylor stoney =[
^ me too lol back in grade 10, i always thought if i ever get my hands on a pair of A&F or Guess jeans, my life would be complete but the funny thing is, i never did get them lol
ahahahahaha lol
i just had to rant about this cause this happened to me in the morning and im still so pissed off about it heres the story before going to work, i had to move my brother's car out of the way so my car can get out. in order to do this, i've to park my brother's car at a neighbor's driveway for like literally 3 mins. this nice neighbor (left side of my house) didnt mind me doing this, and i always thank them everytime i see them around. well this morning as i was gonna go...
thanks I'll post pic when i have it done and again, thank you guys so much wish me luck =]
first of all, CEL thank you so much for your very informative answer (others as well =]) and now, i'll start fresh again, beginning with the necklace heres a direct link for the necklace _shop pyrrha_ contemporary jewelry design this is what was engraved on the necklace "L'espoir me reste dans l'orage" and the site translates it to "My hope remains even in the storm" now i have already ask my tattoo artist to come up with a design for "L'espoir me reste dans...
real =]
so im little confused does this mean the one i had original ''l'espoir me reste dans l'orage'' is ok?...
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