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thanks you guys i think when i do get it, im just gonna keep track of it everytime i use it im somewhat excited for it now =D
^ i know i know... =[ have some faith in me please =P
so i went to the bank yesterday, and the associate was a little confused as to why my credit card application got declined. therefore she helped me apply for another one, and will have her manager look over the application, so there shouldnt be any problem =]. the reason im getting a credit card is that i know im responsible enough to own a credit card, i've a steady job that pays me well, plus i plan on traveling to new york in the near fall. BUT having that said, i...
thanks for all the inputs you guys =] i've set up an appointment with my bank today, so hopefully they'll willing to accept my application. thanks flipcydesae and everyone else for their inputs, they were all very useful tips =]
ok so this is seriously driving me crazy. im 20 years old right now, with a steady job (becoming a full time soon) but i still dont have a credit card i've already tried applying online TWICE already, and i always get rejected, my record is clean, no debts or anything, PLUS when i request for the amount, i start with $500 Canadian what should i do?
an oulet?! damn it, so now i REALLY have to find time to go to west edmonton mall!!! im there to support the opening of H&M =)
omg thank you guys for all the inputs im def. gonna try finding sometime to visit the west edmonton mall does anyone of you know about the South Edmonton Common? i'll be there setting up a new store is it far from the west edmonton mall? a road trip to calgary probably wont happen, but if i do get a time off, i'll go check it out =]
happy birthday =]
im going there for work on the 19th so im wandering is there any place you guys recommand in terms of shopping? R&R jeans, Winners, or even places like vancouver's yaletown or gastown. any input would be great =]
IRADIUM !!! but the link you posted is an irregular, kinda reminds me of Hostile either way, i would still get the iradium =D in fact, if those were sz 29, i would get them without thinking xD
New Posts  All Forums: