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The pics aren't the best but something about them doesn't look right or am I tripping? Thank you!
Wow... you have good eyes LOL. I was 95% they were ok but I needed that confirmation
Thanks Courtney
I bought these a few months ago on ebay for my son. I think they are real but I'm not totally familiar with kids TR. Can someone please confirm? Thanks! Billy Big T Heritage in the Boss
/\ LOL!! I wonder why she PM'd?? I got two more emails from her today Hey Tom
Quote: Originally Posted by dieselsmomma buyers pissed that they don't fit. Can't you file with ebay for harassment? If someone can win over a debt collector calling everyday her insults (denim-fiend) and multiple emails are harassment too. She is fudging those measurements, and tell her that. You don't stretch a waist as far as possible to show that the jeans you bought don't fit you. I'm going to look into that! I pointed her to this...
Beautiful Dusseldorf Dojos!!
/\ Nutcase is right LOL. So her PayPal claim is based on my waist measurement being "way off" and she sends me this photo as proof... umm does she think I don't see her fingers stretching the waist out LOL Again, thanks for your help and comments everyone! I hope she reads this.
Thanks for your responses everyone! I really appreciate your help! It's unbelieveable the emails I'm getting from this person I've had pretty good luck on ebay until now.
Sorry... here it is: Seven 7 For All Mankind Barcelona Kate Jeans 29 30 - eBay (item 260220703773 end time Mar-17-08 15:34:24 PDT)
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