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True Religion Brand Jeans 'Joey' Twisted Seam Flare Jeans - Jeans - Nordstrom does anyone know if these are tts or run tighter or more bigger than the older joey big t? thanks
vitaminhe@yahoo.com thanks in advance
Anyone have an idea of when and where the next Rock Republic Sample will take place? Im so bummed i missed the most recent one. thanks in advance.
how many other people have bought jeans from them? anyone buy diesels from them? i know someone that bought over 500 dollars from them a few months back . but his c/c company gave him the credit. Anyone else purchase anything from them?
do these run a size smaller? i think i tired on a taylor effen size 30 and it was pretty tight on the thighs and i could not button the waist. how are yours?
if you have no idea what the wash looks like , these are it Rock & Republic 'Taylor' Low Rise Bootcut Jeans with Flap Pockets - Men's Apparel - Nordstrom.com
do these Desolation wash for mens run tight? do they run like oxycotin and seleniums? please let me know im trying to buy a pair for a friend and need to know to figure out the size. thanks
i wear 7fam in size 30 and rocks i wear size 30 on most washes but some of them i wear 31
Yes the white marks are bad ass, taylor are henleys with flips but the ox and sn washes run a bit smaller so size up one if you want them to fit like henleys. i think bc they have the stretch material.
yeah good deal for something u can't find in stores anymore . the selenium is an awesome wash . the guy selling them because he did'nt know that these wash run smaller so you would need to size up one. the taylor pair i have SN are size 31 and they fit rather more tight then my henley or floyds in size 30. here is the link where he originally bought the pair for 215 shipped , so he's actually taking a lost at the BIN listing. ROCK & REPUBLIC taylor flap pocket dark mens...
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