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its hot here. greets from rio de janeiro
Well, you certainly have the right idea cutup. That's the kind of change this site needs. The biggest obstacle will definitely be luring new/old members back. Good luck, I'd love to see this place will experience a renaissance.
This forum pretty much destroyed itself, from a combination of bad management (ridiculous overmoderation that one day came out of nowhere), to the inability of the forum to adapt to changes in trends and fashion. How long did this forum still have a TR, R&R & citizens jeans section when they were no longer relevant? This used to be a place for the "fashion forward", but it went from fashion forward to being left in the dust b/c it never adapted to change. Back when...
i dig that dior wash
pseudonyms fit is good, sag included. It's the fact he's skinny & has no ass to begin with that makes the sag more ridiculous than usual... but I can dig it
guests recent outfit would be awesome for doing some fly fishing.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mihalis wow this place dresses like shit now it's kind of embarrassing now.
Quote: Originally Posted by iamyourfather what makes CP so desirable? they are basically like lanvin's little brother
push them stacks down josh! Otherwise, lookin good sasquatch
Quote: Originally Posted by billbonesknows Downtown Orlando is pretty sweet...lots of nice new buildings... Nice view...but...heres a little bit of mine (a bit South of you): nice, florida crew holla. Winterfest is coming up, I might be heading down your way to check it out
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