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Quote: Originally Posted by dieselsmomma there is so much PD in Calgary! I see tons of real denim when I'm on campus, rarely any fake (I even saw real TR woodstocks! crazy...). When I venture out to a mall (that isn't Market Mall) I see tons of fake denim. Ugh, I've also seen TONS of it down town! Can you imagine walking into Holts with that crap? How embarassing. I've seen signs for denim parties, and there is a farmers market that had a pair of fake...
Juicy Couture Swimsuit. But in Brown/Black.
Thanks a lot guys. Does any of you know how much these go for on retail? I think I may have paid close to retail for these...o well, they're still cute and I've never seen them before...
The measurements given are: Waist 13.25'' with dip Hips 16'' Rise 7'' I not really familiar with R&Rs...but the ones I do own seem to run really big...so I need help with this one. I also want to double check if they're authentic. They look good to me though. I'm normally a 24 in TR's...so would these be too big for me? Thanks.
Way too tiny...even for an A cup...and it's way too low in the front too.
Thank you so much gals. They are really comfortable..I started wearing them a few days ago. Really soft....and very cute. I'm glad that I got them for $104 shipped now...
Also can somebody ID the cut and the wash? I don't think it's a Bobby Big T because they don't flare...it's more of a straight leg cut. It looks like the new Lexi, even the wash looks exactly the same...but it's missing the buttons ...and the auction didn't state that it's supposed to have missing buttons either. The reason why I was doubting its authenticity was because when I received it new without tags, there were a lot of loose threads...and a lot of the stitching...
Are these real? NEW $240 True Religion BOBBY BIG T Heritage Blue SZ 24 - eBay (item 290213576013 end time Mar-17-08 17:00:00 PDT) I bought these, but after I received them...they don't look so real. They have a button but not a zipper closure...does TR make their jeans like that?
^That's okay, it's good to know that they're authentic. I'm not familiar with these new back pockets.
Joey Big T Is this authentic, what is the wash, and how do they fit compared to other Joeys? Thanks.
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