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They are REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will NEVER have to worry about fakes on HF or AF.
real indeed.
real for sure.
yeah... Mike is a great seller.
Well I"M HERE!!!!! Not often, but I'm here. I had the opposite of engagement.... Megan and I broke up : ( NOT a good situation on my end, but life goes on. I've been staying busy with work and church. Glad to have you back on here and congrats on the Engagement!
they are both fake. sorry. Plato's Closet can be a GREAT place to find super cheap designer denim... but it's like that because the people working there don't have the first clue about how to spot fakes. I've personally purchased over 10 pairs at Plato's, but in that time I've seen HUNDREDS of fakes.
they look great to me... BUT, I've always been kinda rough with these as there are a lot of REALLY good fakes out there. Wait for other opinions.
hellz to the yeah it is... and thus it dies again.... poor HF : ( we tried : )
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