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I recently put out a post wanting these house of harlow shoes. I then received a message from this "seller" stating that they are selling what I am looking for. Previously I have browsed and been on hf a lot, and I have bought numerous items off auth.forum and such and never had any doubt that I'd run across anyone who is trying to scam me. Right after payment went through, the seller had messaged me stating that someone had accessed their account (hacked) and that I...
instead of posting up another thread i thought i'd just edit this onee =P the last gucci bag.. i lost the bid soo..... i found another one hope you guys can help!! thanks!! Only thing about this bag im iffy about is that the seller has only one feedback.. they also sold a carly bag but buyer left good feedback. BUT since they said Refund is eligible.... should i have nothing to worry about? If the item ends up being fake/ something happens does paypal/ebay return...
eBay.ca: 100% AUTH JUICY COUTURE DAYDREAMER BAG TOTE NORDSTROMS (item 220118041073 end time 06-Jun-07 14:39:00 EDT) This bag is absolutely adorable! But I thought most daydreamers had the heart with the "J" sewn on the back of the bag, and this one doesn't. Is this authentic?
thanks!! i'll have to try one of these options!! get back to you guys after!
I wash my jeans inside out with cold water!! don't know why it's like this.. haha it would take a lot of vinegar to soak these jeans!! you just let them sit?? then wash it again?? thanksssss!
Hi guys, I've noticed for my darker RnR jeans.. when I wash them, the color kind of washes off.. esp near the butt and front.. whereas the bottom of the jeans are normal?? I think i read off somebody's thread that you wash the jeans in vinegar to keep the color?? details?? btw the ones thats are fading are : ROTH librium padded logo, and costello raw !! TIA!!
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