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realllll great deal
i thought it was her too. but the account has 0 posts.. it cant be her?
my ex's mom love dragonflies, because her late brother made her a tiffany styled lamp with dragonfly motifs on there. so for Xmas, I got a her a set of tiffany styled lamps for her bedside, she loved them =) and she loved me hahaha buy her something that means something to her def no spa certificates.. seem so unspecial.. imo.
bliss is relatively tts i think.. the grey one.. im guessing agent or nova wash.. agent runs about a size big if the cosbies are tts.. stick with 25, but best check first to see how the wash runs
b**** sorry hun that is a WHOLE 35 INCHES!!! even IF it was 34.5... it does not justify for a refund!!!!!!!!!!!!
lmaooooooooooo thats hilariousss lol
welcommeee!! =D but i cant see the pic... =S
black kerosene?... the kr might stand for that
people are weird.. i shipped all the jeans on Friday morning for everyone that paid the day b4 (all 5 ppl).. and she was the only one taht didnt pay until friday afternoon... which means i saw it at night.. so no shipping until monday since I stated i dont ship on wekends and PO is closed anyways
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