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^i have a stash of healthy snacks in my desk at work like granola bars and craisins. i NEED to eat every 2 hours or so it seems to work well for me
most likely not either, and i'm a pooooooor 23 year old! I recently cleaned out all my old non-designer jeans--- boy, those washes were heinous! what was i thinking?! i've spoiled myself though- now i have no money for cute tops or shoes! I now have 2 pairs left of AE jeans that are very comfy and have a nice wash, not too grainy, and a pair of gap that are super soft... the rest are gooooone
gah, the one time i don't look further down the page to see the thread already on this subject.. sorry everyone... i think i got my answer, i will kindly ask for feedback
i'm relatively new to the whole buying online thing. I've been mostly buying from HF, and the last 2 purchases ive made the sellers haven't left feedback in response to my (positive) feedbacks which were given immediately after receiving both items. is this normal for hf sellers to not leave feedback? if not, should i kindly ask them to leave feedback?
i'm jealous of your "humble" collection! welcome to hf
looks like she is selling real bleached joeys though? weiiiird...
membership does have its perks
my first pair of TRs shout out to lvly808! and a delia's tee from about 4 years ago (i dont have to dress up for work...)
don't worry those are good deals! but i'm in your situation, w... i'm actually thinking of giving my fiance command of all my extra funds so we can start saving for a dang overpriced wedding :\ but maybe after i find a birthday present for myself
i *think* they are pretty tts, i had mine in a 29 but lost alot of weight and now all my 7s are 27/28.
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