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  Really.... thats good to know.  Thanks.
Really.... thats good to know.  Thanks.
can you see that? cuz I can't at least not when I post it. it shows up in the preview though.  
Pix don't do it justice, but its the same one DK copped a few months back. Got it at a steal and I couldn't turn it down.             
Sup Ant, long time no see.    like the new face lift. it take some getting used to but I can dig it.
weren't you the one telling me to cop more black and grey jawnz... ok
Oh yeah I forgot to mention the shoes. I am with Ben. Too pointy and flat for my taste.
I think the problem is that the U shaped neck is too deep to wear over that button up shirt. I also think their is too much contrast between the red and the grey. Nice fit on the thanaz though.
how do nightfalls run and what is a good price to pay?
thats cuz your a spammer, spammer.
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