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Thanks Anthony. I can upload a file from my hard drive just fine, its the url that I am having an issue with. But I'll try again now.        sweet! seems to be working just fine now, thanks!
Copping Dior's, wearing a lot of black lately, and losing weight like i got a tape worm.     Aside from trying to fill the void that LOST left in my life, all is  good.    You? How did you find Finland?  
Actually, I think its fine. RO stuff is meant to be big in chest and slimmer in the waist. I still have huge pecs so I think it'll work out fine.   Plus I am only losing fat not muscle and I plan on putting on more lean muscle, mostly in the shoulders, chest and back, so I think I'll be okay.       Jeez DK, I almost lost it for a second there.
I based on the measurements of the medium you had listed and it seem alright. Why do think it'll be too big? Maybe I'll revert back being a big fat dynamo. 
I did. WTF? Small is too small and Medium is too big is there an Extra Medium?   I didn't want to take the risk of it being too small. I know you said it was cut awkward as fuck but damn.  
Which reminds me. I should make my flickr photos private.   
How do you delete post? I can edit a post but is there no way to permanently delete them?   How do you edit the titles? Is that not an option anymore?   Pictures- How do you insert them directly into the post so that we do not have click on them to view them?    Also when I click on my own photos, I get an access denied message. What's that about?   I love the spoiler function. Can we use that for posts deemed NSFW ?    
i click on it and it says " access denied".
New Posts  All Forums: