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^   Is it just me of does it look like someone is censoring the above poster? Three different post. All of them blank.     I mean with a name like that its obviously a troll, lol,  but c'mon.
  I meant in that particular wash, nightfall, lol. 
nice fit, but lose the cuffs.........&  the chain while you're at. 
MTB's  are ugly as fuck and this is a fashion forum not a health forum. GTFO with this spam.           Is there a spam parade today?
Don't worry Ryan,    I will if it comes to that ;)
lol, I was teasing.      I want to stay away from 17.5 cm, way too narrow for my calves. I doubt they would even be able to fit around my cankles, lol.   Are 19cm pretty hard to find?
Next thing you know everyone and their mom's will be creating threads in the Diesel section trying to peddle their goods. 
take it to mall guys.
Not four. Where did you come up with that number ?   I only copped two thus far and I am actually starting to feel self conscious the extra roomy knee of the 21 cm so I might sell those instead of butchering them.   Send me some pics of the Diors you had tapered so I can see how they turned out. Maybe It'll make me feel better about taking mine in for surgeory.    I am merely doing the research for the nightfall's. I do not plan on copping them unless they pop at an...
Joy Division - Love will tear us apart    
New Posts  All Forums: