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Speaking of skids, I wonder if he will come out for to christen the new digs?  
Where is the delete my post function?
lol, Sands. I actually got that joke.     I think were starting to rub off on you.
wait....you got free lunches?               Dave, you got some esplain'in to do.               but srsly what up Ben?  Would love to hear what else you have to reveal...let me get comfy.  
no one ever checks here,        braaaaaaaaaah.                                                                                                                         (hard H btw)        best bet is to post here   http://www.denimblog.com/c/forum/thread/157800/the-boots-and-shoes-thread
^   i know that's why I said that      They should have taken a poll before making all these changes. We could have made this place way more     POP'IN.
^   would plus you but what's the point since no can see that "I" support what you are sayin'   
So is that avatar, get a new one asap.
Will people be more likely to voice their opinions now that HF has done away with the NEG button?     The NEG button made it much easier to voice your disapproval without having to post, but now that is gone will people just let their opinions go unheard or will they actually grow a pair and start speaking up?     Discuss.
New Posts  All Forums: