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omg , just got my black mij raws today. I'm fucking hooked, Must cop some mo!!
Not sure what you are asking?     I think you meant to post that in the authenticity superthread.
Hence why I posted that screen shot. That is the error message I keep getting. I've tried for last hour and I can't access it. I smell something fishy...
No, thats not the issue. The issue is I can not access HF CHAT.    I keep getting "Permission not Granted" did Dave or one of the MODS suspend my access? It seems that I am the only one not able to access HF CHAT?????
I can not access HF chat by clicking on HF CHAT    I can only access the most recently post's   I keep getting this error message.           What give's eh?
He was the man ;)     Can the mods look into this????        
^   Don't know how to break it to you......but                         this thread is   2 years old.            
I have never had acne and have no clue why you would think that ALL men have acne. It is also not limited to only men. 
Yes, wrong section. You must list them in the mall. Selling outside the mall is against the rules. At least it used to be.
What are people thoguhts about RO trainers? Strictly opinion I am not going to cop. I am just curious about people feeling about them?     I personally like them.  Would never be pull them off but I think they are fucking dope.            but require mad steez to pull off        
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