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Love that color. What size did you go with, small?  
If were are going to take this re-branding seriously lets start by getting rid of the lame "DB supporter" icon .   And is going to say supporter the whole time? Cuz it would be cool if it changed over time as you post similar to other forums like SUFU and JAWNZ. Like  DB Lite-member and DB Pro-member, DB Gold Member, and DB Platinum Member.       
Not being able to delete post's is  GAY. 
lol, thanks guys. I am sagging these and its not on purpose I might add. I was born without an ass. If it wasn't for enormously large genital the Doc would not have known which side to slap. True story.   Dunlauh, the shirt is neither. It is more of a Doo Doo brown, actually.    Here is a close up.     And  as always Von hit the nail on the head.    1st pic has been color enhanced (more contrast and brighter colors). It came it dull similar to 2nd...
Quote: I fucking lol, +1     Sands, I agree with Zodiac lose the shirt.   
Thanks, DK.  I could barely button them when they arrived and I was worried that I made the wrong choice by going with a 30, but the measurements the seller gave me were correct. I absolutely love how these fit.    The sheen is still there. It is just difficult to capture without the right lighting. Dior stacking is insane. lol, these things stack them selves unlike thanaz which I constantly have to adjust.   I definitely like the fit of 19cm to that of 21cm. I...
^ let me guess you found  a bargain, which everyone can partake in if they follow that link in your sig? 
    Excuse the mess and shitty composition. I'll post higher quality pictures tomorrow.  
Thats how I felt when i first set sight on them, but now I am really diggin them.  
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