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Just threw my thanaz 17f and DDG raws in the mall. Both are 32's if anyone is interested. 
And how do I change my signature?
^ Sands, if thats the case you should size down on your mij indigos, cuz imo they look more like 21cm than 19cm. 
FYI- the auto-tagging system in the mall sucks.    How do you add you're own tags? 
Not sure if this a good price this du has some w29  UMC ($420), not sure about the year, and black mij raws($200).     http://www.superfuture.com/supertalk/showthread.php?t=214029
Thanks, Sands. Yes I will be selling them. Why you interested? Ryan has first dibs but he passes I'll list them in mall. 
I like hearing that .   Must fight the urge to sell my thanaz. Pee was right. All I can think about is copping more Dior's.
As promised.  
Thanks, Pee.   Rockin' them again today. I'm sold hooked.         j.crew dior ndc
Had me up til about 3:01, DK.         
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