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Anthony,     There is a void here is hard to fill.  You are the only person on the MOD team here that has any legitimacy and eventually it is going to take its toll on you. Not trying to bash your abilities, you and I both know how thing here work. Its impossible to do this alone. You deserve more. Everyone here does even the newbies. You are missed over at jawnz, where you are actually appreciated, why you no post?     BTW did you hear ACO has been...
Evil, you fast becoming one of my favorite posters over at Jawnz. I wish you wouldn't degrade yourself by trying to point out the obvious to people who don't give a fuck.   
Nice. I hope you finally get around to posting some fit pics. I've always wonders what you look like. 
lol, I think you misunderstood what I meant. I am not going to cop the RO's.       I am still deliberating about buying trainers. I already have to many shoes to justify another pair. Granted none are trainers but I think more in love with how they look on others.  I like the courts and low top achilles but I am not sure if they are really my style.         
Oli, you've got a slim body show it off (no homo).
i don't know sands. 17.5 looks hard to pull off. 
You should try Black Scissors'. They makes some really nice pieces at very reasonable prices.      http://blackscissors.com/   http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Blackscissors-Tailoring
Awesome thanks.   I like the old method of tagging. Can we go back to that? The new system doesn't allow you  insert individual tags only the recommended tags, unless i am doing it wrong?
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