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jskidder wut size did you pick up from jean shop like the fit
Def. fake
sell you jakes they are amazing jeans but they dont strech that much and they look too tight on you, i sold mine cuz i think you have to be tall( being taller than 5.7) and skinny( not having too much muscle mass) in order to pull of 17.5cm cut, imo. also sag more
Quote: Originally Posted by slimjim Fred's are my beater pair. I think they look fine for an every day boots. I'll wear somthin nicer next time Shirt isn't tucked. it happens every time when I go w/ or w/o a belt (almost any belt) unless I go with bigger shirt or pull em down every 10 seconds. & yes, I can sag a bit, but then I'll be pulling down every 10sec. as well (all jeans ride up once I start taking big steps). Unless of course I go a size bigger...
get rid of the boots and belt, untuck your tshirt and i would sag just abit
what size do you wear in AA and jean size 9incher?
newbies like you is what make this forum go down
pajero for columbians or most south camrican countires, mean masturbator / jerk-off / dick
they are crushed edge
Can anyone tell me if these are real? Thanks. DIESEL JEANS MATIC 26W 32L ( for women) - eBay (item 250472646641 end time Jul-31-09 18:52:19 PDT)
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