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Both pairs look awesome. Old R's are love!
I like Peru, it will be perfect for spring!
This is a great pic! Two gorgeous pairs, you both look fabulous
I have had both the stretch and rigid versions of The Boss, and both ran a size big for me.
Some buyers really just don't get it. It's annoying how so many transactions cause problems for good sellers, just because the buyers are not held accountable anymore.
Happy birthday! I hope it is fantastic!
For men, cuffing is always a no. And for women, it is only acceptable when the jeans are straight leg or on the skinny side. And I think it looks good only with flip flops or flat sandals. Sometimes I cuff skinnies to ankle length for a change. But it all depends on the overall look.
They both look very nice!
You look great! I've always loved those Simon shorts, and you wear them well
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