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Quote: Originally Posted by rageatm007 Thanks. I'm looking to hit up the Vegas store as soon as it goes sale again considering I missed the summer sale I didn't find the Vegas store that impressive compared to their NYC store and that was in October when the fall line was fresh. You might want to call in and make sure they have what you want, or just get an NYC proxy.
I have a black scissors knockoff of a Rick Owens high-collar. The quality is very surprising. I've worn both and for 1/10th of the price, it's a steal
Quote: Originally Posted by Ctrl+W this reads like some indie bullshit. SO INDIE IT HURTS. DON'T BELIEVE ME? JUST TAKE A LOOK AT THIS SHIRT. You are an idiot if you think western/work wear equals indie. Mauro is a friend of mine and I've been checking out his clothing prototypes for almost a year - shit, I've got one of his prototypes sitting in my closet, and they are far from indie. Neither Mauro or any of his staff fall anywhere near the...
Rick Owens DRKSHDW denim is amazing, especially the coated cuts.
enjoy Amazon.com - Diesel sunglass sale 50% off or more
Goldenratio - sorry I missed your post, haven't been on in a while. Otherwise I would have shared my shopping itinerary. I spent about 5 hours shopping in SoHo with my brother and our girlfriends. I hit Odin, Atrium, Nom De Guerre, Uniqlo, APC and the J Lindinberg store. Most had sales going on. I bought a couple of things at APC and Odin. Atrium had a great sale but it was packed and I was bummed they didn't carry Nudie RR chords in my size. We did hit the Diesel SoHo...
I think I must have planned my NYC trip perfectly! I'm going to be there on the weekend of the 16th and today I get my email saying the "up to 50% off" sale starts on the 14th! I was already planning on hitting the Manhattan flagship store, along with Sak's superstore and Blue & Green but my question for you employees is - how decent of a sale will it be? What's going on sale and for how much?
maybe your body shape will help decide. How often do you wear bootcut? If you are tall and skinny, you'll probably benefit from taking them in so they will go with more outfits.
I would avoid external terabyte drives like the plague right now.... the problem is not the drives themselves (although like cars, the first year of any new model can be flakey) The problem is the heat management in the external enclosures. No doubt they are using the same external enclosure as they use in smaller drives.... the problem with that is the larger drives usually run hotter so they would need better air flow/heat management. The hotter the drive gets and the...
those 8FC's are damn nice! I'll be visiting the flagship store in NYC in about 2 months and those will be first on my list!!
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