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I will be getting married this March in lovely St. Lucia with a private beach ceremony. My bride will be wearing a somewhat traditional wedding gown (no train) that I have not seen. I've been slowly piecing together my ensemble, and while the maid of honor is serving as my fashion consultant, I thought I'd elicit opinions here too. I have (so far): -A dark navy Burberry blazer (three button style, buttons are gold). I was in the market for a nice blazer anyway, and...
"Love kills slowly", thought the douchebag as he watched the dissipating vapor trail that used to be his girlfriend. "Next time, I'll go with the Medusa-head Versace drawers..."
Welcome. Go here: http://www.honestforum.com/wanted/
I used to read The Punisher years ago. I hate comic book inspired movies (except the original Superman).
I didn't like the zipper either, but I didn't have anything worthwhile to add. That Diesel coat is really nice though...
My understanding is that stretch is an elastane blend (like 98% cotton 2% elastane/spandex). It provides form-fitting jeans with a little give (hence stretch). I wouldn't treat them any differently- hand wash cold (inside out), line dry. I rarely wash Diesels though- I bought my newest beginning of Jan and have no plans to wash anytime soon...
Vigilantism is back in style... I heard the Guardian Angels are making a comeback as well.
I'm just unimaginative (since my fav pair is my Zatinys in 88z), but the Pheyo in 88z would be my pick on that page.
^^Please. I wear Oakleys exclusively (meaning I don't care about fashion when it comes to eye gear), but those are ok. If you adopt one of those Brooklyn Blowout/Jersey Shore haircuts, you'll be a flame...
Well, maybe it's to showcase the jeans, or maybe it's the start of a new style... I still think the blousing works for baggier jeans, but I'm not sure about this: Diesel Online Store Men's SAFADO 008IL - Fall Winter - Diesel - Official Online Store Looking at the other options in that section, some are belted, some shirts untucked, etc.
New Posts  All Forums: