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Quote: Originally Posted by Darnoc I'd love to get a pair of thanaz 8gz in a 31 or 32.. would you do a send sale w finders fee? Call them yourself and save the finders fee you're offering
Size down 1 for 8dk. They stretch like hell And while I'm thinking of it, I sure has hell hope that they fix the sizing problem that 8it had. That would of course only be possible if these are actually re-issued and not just dead stock though
They will stretch like crazy. Looks like you could use a shorter inseam
I'll pick this up with you in a pm Vivek. He cleared it. Go ahead and lock it up Cez
Sup Vivek Been a while my friend. Yeah, still on the Trouleg kick Nothing suits me better than them. I've tried. Safado fits me kinda weird below the knee so I shy away from those. I Tried to find a Thanaz I can fit but alas, my legs are waaaaay too big. I wear a 29 and occasional 28 (8aa & 8dk) in Trouleg and I needed a 31 in Thanaz to be able to pull them past my calves! Of course at that point the waist was like a hula hoop. Well, that was a bigger response than I...
clear your inbox out mang! That is all
nice 1 von @ Levislad. Please, do me a favor. I'm not asking much.... Type just ONE sentence that ends in something other than an EXCLAMTION point for a change. After you see for yourself that other punctuations marks DO in fact exist, please, keep using them. No hate. It just drives me insane Thank you in advance
x3. 71v is rather light blue. 8bk is more medium blue. Search for pics. The difference in color should be quite noticeable
Grondie, 71v is at Leesburg 703-737-6355
Quote: Originally Posted by Grondie Woah nice. I'll have to call them and see if they have a 71V in my size. I think aurora may have your size in 8aa Pretty sure it was Leesburg or Woodbury that has the 71v? You'll find em though, I hope
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