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If you mean 8aa, I say no. Mine have stretched some, but nothing like the stories I usually hear about 8aa
DAVE is at -49 and counting. Nice work everyone! Where ya at Dave? Hiding under the carpet where you swept everything else? Well, at lest you aren't here ruining anything else. I see you're adhering to your "removing TOXIC mebers" policy eh? Well, MOST of us REALLY appreciate it Just keep digging wells in some 3rd world country somewhere. At least you'll actually be HELPING. You sure haven't done much of that around here. Oh yeah, I just want to personally thank you...
^ a stint in the dryer will tighten them up for you if need be
I'm picking up on that. I haven't been active for a while until recently. Catching up on all of the craziness has been interesting. I know where I'll be at most of the time now
Dave, if you're just gonna do what YOU want to anyway, why even ask us? Not that you seem to care or anything, just curious.... Seriously, wtf happened to this place?
They look fine my friend
Unreal. This thread has actually gone 3 WHOLE days without a single post? Wow. Things have changed around here...
^ Yup. I found the waist and hips ran rather loose while the thighs were fairly tts, and of course the insanely long inseam. I still wish I had bought a w28 and stretched the thighs out a bit. Hopefully they're being reissued and those problems have been addressed
New Posts  All Forums: