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^ It always will be
^ shouldn't be long before the move
^ We're all happy to have you there
I'll make a list in a bit. Gotta make a few more calls first. Busy as hell at work today.
^ You are SORELY MISTAKEN. Since my earlier confirmation wasn't enough for you, hows this work for ya... I have had the sales rep at some NYC store check the stock to be sure and put a pair on hold. That was this on Wednesday of this week. Trouleg's are in fact in RETAIL STORES. NO FUCKING JOKE! Call for yourself and then tell me I'm wrong. As Mannequin stated they are in "Select" Diesel stores. It may take some effort, but they are out there
^ Don't worry, I'll be checking for you too. I'll pm you later my friend
^ Affirmative
Quote: Originally Posted by billbonesknows Cez end this false hope... LOCK THIS THREAD! That won't be necessary sir I found 8dk so far A few L32 mostly L34's. It was only one store though. I'll see what others I can find, if any
^ x2!
Touche NFJ +1 von
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