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^ I'm not the longest tenured member around here by any means, but wow. Don't see you posting much anymore. Or for a long time for that matter. Agreed on the relaxed look. Also glad to hear that you (op) got them hemmed. That cuff didn't look good at all
Quote: Originally Posted by Cez1029 it is better to watch and at least be aware, rather than not watch and plead ignorance. TRUTH
Quote: Originally Posted by Saddock ....We just have let this place die. Thats pretty much what its coming down to. I don't even know why I bother posting anywhere but the Trouleg thread
^ since I know you've used it with success, I'm gonna cop asap
^ Then why are you here complaining if your tired of this place? Nobody's forcing you to come here. This is what this place has turned into. Its basically shit now (THANKS DAVE), but you can still find some useful information. Truthfully, I only come here for 1 thread. I just end up browsing through a few others while I'm here.
I think I may have to throw down a pic. Its been a while. Things have changed a bunch since I last posted my collection
Quote: Originally Posted by RyderLA I do like the 89z, better than the 8DD that's for sure. They basically look the same. Is the 89z a stretch? I'm gonna attempt to find it.. and i've found the 8BI but it's waist size too small.. but i'm gonna try and stretch it.. any tips? And if anyone comes across 89z in 31X34 let me know! And what are the best outlets to call that carry diesel? Trouleg 89z is something you will NEVER find. I mean never. ...
I'm not saying you SHOULD change, just that it could be beneficial and with little effort. Oh, since I didn't really think about it before, WOW Bio. Never seen you go off like that before
I posted a pic wearing them in WAYWT a while back.
I gotta agree with Bio. Your shits a mess mang. Its truthfully the first thing I noticed about every pic you've posted on here that I've seen. Everytime its "Jesus FUCK that guys hair is a mess!" If you're making the effort elsewhere why not top it off with hair that looks like its seen a comb in the past year or so. You wouldn't have to do much to not look like you woke up in the gutter after passing out drunk in it. Handle that... No hate
New Posts  All Forums: