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Ok. I'm not posting my collection at the bottom of this page
Quote: Originally Posted by Grondie NWT Trouleg 8AA is starting to reach Javan Rhino status - although there's always the odd sighting at Diesel outlets. Or my closet At least for 1 pair of NWT 28x32. I gave my super beater 29x32 to a friend recently
Quote: Originally Posted by Grondie Here's the before & after of my 8EU overdye experiment. For what little effort it took the results are awesome. They appear more like Trouleg 41L than anything else now. Thanks for the pics Heading to the store to pick up some dye naow edit: I can't believe this thread is up to 10 pages now
Quote: Originally Posted by Grondie Basically - Trouleg....is essentially the same as Safado until you get to the ankle.... I know everybody says that but I have to disagree. I think Safado is wider at the knee than Trouleg. I can't wear Safado's for shit. They're dumpy as fuck from the knee down on me. I can sort of pull off Safado 8aa because I sized down on them but they don't get much run. Definitely agree on Trouleg stacking a bit
Quote: Originally Posted by Grondie Gave those once-washed yet very faded Trouleg 8EUs a Black Rit Dye treatment this afternoon. I'm still waiting for them to dry out but I think they're gonna look spiffy. post pics! My 8eu's could use a bit of a treatment. No need to break out a backup pair just yet
Quote: Originally Posted by planet2006 they retailed for $260... 8bi retailed for $280 8dd was $260 Quote: Originally Posted by randomtw what size are you? can somebody with a size 28 or 29 8it measure the thighs for me? The thighs on my 29's are fairly snug but the hips and waist are a bit big in comparison. I'll get you some measurements tomorrow.
8it runs SUUUUUPER long. L32 on 8it will run about 35" or so
I've never seen any. You can find pics of Larkee 73c though. I never bought the 8ac as I couldn't see myself wearing them. If I find them for cheap enough I may buy them just to have them, but that'd be kinda stupid
@ Sandman - Ordered shit from them before. Great service and prices, if you find something that isn't totally hideous. Which ismost of the stuff on their site, in my opinion. They really don't have any good sizes either. Perhaps it'll help someone out though. Cheers Piers - It was proly Stevie that sad that. He had a pair he got in France and I was a proxy for him on a US pair that he ended up selling as they didn't fit. I'm sure there are one or two washes we've never...
^ mad searching and a TON of patience. It was really all luck though. Right place at the right time. At least for the 89z
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