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Quote: Originally Posted by robness ...nervous24- 89Z Troulegs??? WTF, where? when? They were from Trouleg's first season and they were a Europe only release. I searched for them for like a year+ before I found them. I've only ever seen 3-4 pairs for sale.
Quote: Originally Posted by RyderLA ^ Safado is slimmer I disagree. Maybe its just how they fit on me though
Quote: Originally Posted by Ace51 just got my 8hl~ i'm glad i took nervous24's advice because it looks much better than the one i saw in store. they fit very tight but i think i can stretch them out nicely. I remember you being unimpressed with them when they first came out. Glad you got a pair you like They aren't very rigid. I'm sure they'll stretch out nicely for you Should be someone else getting some 8hl soon here as well
^ Yoox was the only place that I ever found them. They've been gone for a while though. Gotta keeping checking here and ebay for a random pair to pop up
Quote: Originally Posted by pseudonym I think any color in the rainbow would have been a better choice than black as a layering tee... And I hope you're not wearing black shoes with that... Otherwise, good fit. Agreed. The black tee is a rather poor choice. Lets be serious though, you KNOW hes wearing black shoes. If they were brown he'd have actually taken someone's advice
Fuck the coolest shit. Buy what suits YOU
Quote: Originally Posted by Grondie ....By the way - I'm not sure if these are authentic are not, but the price is right! DIESEL JEANS MEN TROULEG WASH 08BK W32 L34 +NEU+ (75o) bei eBay.de: Jeans (endet 01.04.09 22:06:44 MESZ) real. The euro version of Trouleg 8bk has different lap distressing than the US version. Unsurprisingly I've got both Quote: Originally Posted by RyderLA Thanks for posting these. It's cool to see them...
Quote: Originally Posted by randomtw its 28x32, you could get it hemmed? pm'd
Quote: Originally Posted by Gio Why everytime I see your newest pictures I feel like I have seen them before? Nothing new, just boring, plain longsleeve bla bla same bright jeans bla bla go die. hahaha x2!
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