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Quote: Originally Posted by Ace51 trouleg 8bi
Had to check this thread on my brief visit. Ill see about diggin up some pics and posting what I can find soon.
^ I disagree. Safado's NEVER fit anything like Trouleg for me from the knee down. Ive tried countless Safaod's and own every Trouleg ever made save for 73c and some other I forgot
I just never felt Safado was that similar to Trouleg. They feel so different at the knee and through the calf to me. Safado's were always much looser. Well at least for me. On a side note, Im surprised this place is still alive. And Cez! Been a while bro! Props for stickin it out this long
Quote: Originally Posted by thed1v1d1ngl1ne Was there ever a trouleg fashion pant released? Trouleg 11R. They were black
Quote: Originally Posted by Grondie Wha' the... I didn't know about 73C! Does anybody here have these? I told you about the 73c. I had never seen them but I knew they were out there. Fuck I want a pair
Quote: Originally Posted by Cez1029 is 89Z a stretch wash?.... No they aren't. Fuckers run tight as hell too. Did you look into those yet Grondie?
Better get on that Diet. Immediately wouldn't be fast enough I'm going to get my haircut right now. I'll pm you when I get back
Anyone here think they can fit a 31x32 Trouleg 89z? Keep in mind that 89z runs tight as hell. If so, pm me
Quote: Originally Posted by RyderLA I just ordered 8HL and 8DK in waist 30. Since i'm a 31 i'm REALLY hoping they fit! How many sizes did you guys say 8DK would stetch? And will 8HL give a little?? Where did you get the 8dk in w30? I know someone who is DYING for a pair
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