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OMG!! I am no expert whatsoever and they just look REALLY BADDDDD and totally fake!!!!!!
NICE!!!! Someone grabbed them.... did you get'em???
WOW! If they are real (looks like it to me..but I'm no expert at all.lol) ....... what a GREAT deal!!! good luck!
thanks everyone! Glad I asked here first.
Real or Fake???? Thanks!!!
Um, ewwwww..... lol
Knocked up was pretty good. oh, and I have to say, I am so happy to read that everyone enjoyed "Eastern Promises".... I JUST rented this movie and am going to watch it tonight, after the Steelers game.
I would think a paypal dispute would definately find in your favor... there is a rip that wasnt disclosed in the auction.... you should get your $$ back if the seller wont respond. good luck!
if she hasnt leff you feedback yet..... you'll open yourself up to recieving a negative if you give her one. sounds like she's "trying" to make you happy by refuding the $$ and letting you keep the outfit. But ultiimately, its all up to you... you didnt recieve what she was claiming to have.
New Posts  All Forums: