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Crazy, i've never seen or heard of this.... these 2003 X-Rotuck 772's have none of that going on. So I guess they did it to pairs that were distressed too hard... not all of them.
As far as I know the DDR stamps have nothing to do with them being irregular.... I have come across a lot with the mark in the past, always with jeans that came from Europe. These were ALL first quality jeans. I just figured the jeans that were sold over there were stamped for some import reason......
Its funny these treads still get started... Okay so im not the best at leaving feedback right away, but I always get to it....oh well. And the question about having tag photos in my auctions.... I figure my feedback assures authenticity. I also note that I welcome any questions and I email many buyers the tag photos before they purchase. It works pretty well.... If I posted all the microstichings for all those jeans they would be used by people selling fakes and a lot...
The Ancient belt is a joke.
DO IT. I just got my Zathan 82m back from getting hemmed and tapered.... they are perfect.
Quote: Originally Posted by vincevtec X-Rotuck 772 Straight Leg that belt kills the outfit imo. i'd go with something more classic...
I also have size 90 and 95's! Do a search!
I have A LOT of size 95/100 belts listed in the honestmall for good prices. http://honestforum.com/showthread.php?t=70923 http://honestforum.com/showthread.php?t=72751 http://honestforum.com/showthread.php?t=70919
Quote: Originally Posted by cat. 5 which fit/ model/ cut/ lab/ etc...? is best to wear more "fitted" or "contoured"? i have been looking for rotucks in 31x32 but having little luck finding. any ideas? I have a BNWT X-rotuck 796 in a 31x32. Get in touch with me via pm.....
It's funny you mention this, today I found this DIESEL patch from an old jacket. Doesnt say diesel on it, but its from an authentic jacket. If anyone wants it, $12 shipped and its yours.
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