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I am looking for a pair of Chroma jaggers in a size 29. I have some nwt in a size 28, but need some that is a size 29. Anyone ve them available.
I bought me a new bag on ebay for the first time. Want to know if it's real. Thanks
Those are hot looking on you
Now, there's a Kodak moment.
Great Jeans and great deal.
Quote: Originally Posted by kiwanja My friend and I love R&R's advertisements and tried to replicate them--*laugh* I don't want to totally stretch out the thread since the pics are pretty big so I'll post the rest on my blog (X y Z). But here's a good look at the back of these jeans; I actually bought them retail for $340. They're sooo expensive, but just so gorgeous I couldn't resist!! The only problem is, I've lost weight since going to...
Quote: Originally Posted by Ben24 I got tired of diesel , seven etc.. because : 1 . theyre too expensive in canada so i had to order online. 2. they all stretch and end up too big or mishape 3. most designer jeans suffer from inconstent sizing which really piss me off ... depending the wash ... the jeans was too baggy or too fit . ... and the actual sizing is different that what on the label . finaly i end up selling 2 month later a 200 $ pair of...
Those look great on you. Happy Thanksgiving
Ok, So, I have an issue. This buyer came along and bought my jeans and they have 0 feedback. They have been a ebay member since August 30, 2004. Their address was confirmed/paypal verified. I've been screwed over twice over people with 0 feedback history. They buy my item and then say they didn't resulting in funds being taken away. There goes my item and they get their money back. What should I do? Has anyone ever been in this situation?
Hello All, I have just a quick question. How much do you all normally charge or what does it cost to ship worldwide like Germany N&S America? Thanks
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