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Triple the price, and the rest...just for one :(((
$25 STILL on offer...easy as PIE for anyone in the US!! Come on guys, BUMP BUMP!!
Hey guys, The offer still stands as I am yet to receive any replies!! (I hope there is no problem with my inbox, so leave a reply here if you PM me)!! Also, just so it is clear - you are not actually finding anything for me, as I have already located it! You are simpley making a payment on my behalf (and as I stated earlier, Im paying you in advance, so there is no chance you will be out-of-pocket) and earning a cool $25 for it!! Let me know what you...
Hi guys, Not sure if this belongs here but... I am wanting to purchase something from Ebay (2 x deodorant sticks)...however they only send to the US. What am I offering? I will pay you in advance via Paypal (item cost, shipping to your door, approx USPS first class International shipping to me in South Korea, along with the finders fee/helping fee of $25 (for your hard work). What I need from you? I need you to purchase the item, pay for it with paypal, have it...
   A rare sample I guess....If only they had other sizes!!
Hi there, Im wanting to see if anybody knows of a mens beanie brand company which I think might be called "New York...something something"... Ive seen the beanies for sale here in Australia at Calibre, but am wanting to find a bigger selection online...all I need to know is the brand...which will help kickstart my search... If anybody can recommend some nice beanie brands, (thick wool knit) available online, that would be great!! Many thanks in advance!!
Anyone know more about the Heeven 8YM?? What countries have it??
Guys, Im sure most of you have tried on Heevens with the dirty thirty edition... So, what im asking, is what do you think about the cut, and why do not many shops online seem to sell them! I saw 73H the other day in Italy and really liked it! What do you all think?
if we are talking about bars, the hottest club in Berlin is Club Felix!
i thought it was pretty funny and quirky!
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